A Kink In The Plans…

Remember me being all excited earlier about finally departing to London after all these years???…Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll, that’s not happening tonight…


…My reaction exactly…

See, what had happened was that my plane was supposed to get here from Chicago, and I was supposed to leave for D.C. @ around 8 p.m. and leave D.C. for Heathrow sometime around 10 p.m., arriving in London @ 10:15 a.m. there…However, it’s really stormy out here on the East Coast, so of course my flight to D.C. was delayed, making it impossible for me to catch my scheduled transfer flight to London in time, :-/…

And so, as of now, I now have to wait until 2:37 p.m. tomorrow for a flight to D.C., flying out from IAD at around 6, finally arriving @ Heathrow @ 6:25 Tuesday morning–almost a full day later than expected (#first world problems)…But if the weather’s still causing trouble tomorrow, I might not get there until who knows when…To be continued…

On a side note, this made me smile a little, :-)…



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