First Impressions…

Hey, ya’ll!!…Well, I returned to Madrid on the 2nd of this month, and I started working at my new school on the 4th…To be honest, nothing really exciting is going on in my life at the moment, but things have been going really well for the following reasons:

  • My morning commute is almost cut in half.
  • My co-workers are so much more open and friendlier than at my last school–there’s many a joke to be had around the lunch table.
  • Speaking of lunch, I get that for free.
  • No work on Fridays.
  • I get on better with my students this year–they run from 5th grade to 2nd of Bachillerato (end of high school). I always knew I preferred older kids.
  • I feel useful and well-utilized at this school, and I don’t dread having to lug myself to work.
  • I’m back in Madrid, which is more-or-less my home at this point.


And you, my lovely readers–what’s new with you???…

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