Winter Break 2015: Venturing Venice…

It’s been a LOOOOOOONG time comin’, but I’m finally getting around to recapping the amazing international adventures I was blessed to have last year!!

For Christmas Break last year, I was away for 16 days: I spent the first 2 days in Munich, and spent the other fortnight of vacay time in Italy, which had been my *dream* European destination since I was a little girl…While I had stopped in many places during my time in Italia, there was one place that struck me like no other with its beauty, magic, and sheer elegance: Venice…

Alas, I was only in the city for around 7 hours on an independent day trip (thank you, Viator!), but I was so taken by this arrestingly lovely place, that I am determined to return there–hopefully this upcoming year, I can!!…

And now for some scenery porn!!


10274279_10201106853029091_6630948999949154406_n 10400462_10201106853869112_5243543798858097186_n

10398_10201106851909063_7273200019100313760_n 1919592_10201106851029041_6011487767638885731_n

1933841_10201106852149069_2485594092327168791_n 10171922_10201106847068942_4533087723085051557_n 10570396_10201106846868937_8171112850804415668_n


What about you???…Have you also fallen in love with Venice at one point???…

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12 thoughts on “Winter Break 2015: Venturing Venice…

  1. Oh my gosh, your photos are so amazing!!! I am hoping to see Venice here in the near future myself. I just love the photo in the gondola, looking out. If I saw that somewhere, I would buy it and have it framed.


    ~Melanie @

  2. Venice is so magical! I haven’t been in over 10 years. But I love everything about Italy. Looks like it wasn’t too busy… I think traveling during the off season is really the best way to explore tourist hotspots like Venice #wanderfulwednesday

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