Livin’ “Dat Expat Life”: Monthly Recap #4…

As of last Thursday, another month of living in Zaragoza has come and gone–and so, another highlight reel!!…

My First Expat Christmas

Last Christmas was my first one spent outside of the U.S., alone…It wasn’t too bad though: Walking through the streets of ZGZ was enough to imbibe me with that holiday spirit…


Two Days in Teruel

From the 27-28, I spent two days exploring Teruel capital, which is one of the foremost centers of mudéjar architecture…



A Day In Spain’s Most Beautiful Village

Following my stay in Teruel, I enjoyed an afternoon of strolling in that place which is said to be the loveliest of Spain’s pueblos, Albarracín, :-)…

20141229_174227 20141229_180254

12 Uvas

My landlady was kind enough to allow me to enjoy a traditional NYE dinner with her and her son, full of delicious prawns, cava (the Spanish equivalent to champagne), and (of course) uvas (grapes)!!…

Ridin’ the Slopes of Candanchú

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going with some people from church to the ski resort town of Candanchú, which lies in Huesca Province, not to far from the French border…I went sledding for the first time in my life, and fulfilled my dream of seeing The Pyrenees!!…




New Year, New Piso

So, yeah, in case you’re wondering why I’ve neglected to post anything (again) last week, I have a legitimate excuse: I was trying to find a new apartment…

Long story short, my landlady (with whom I have been living) gave me a bit of a surprise last Sunday when she informed me that I had to find a new place A.S.A.P. because she and her son are moving to another property which has no room for me…Luckily, I managed to lock down a new place within a few days, and it’s not that bad of a place: it’s close to my job, has WiFi/central heating (a deal maker if there ever was one), super economical, and I have a spacious room that has a lot of light and an actual window view!!…

Too bad I don’t have my own bathroom anymore…

Over to you, fellow expats–what have some of your highlights from the last month been???…

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