The Alleyways of Teruel…

O.K., so I’ve decided to take a little break from my “Zesty Zaragoza” series–after all, I have quite a bit of recaps to get through from my winter trips!!…

As indicated in my previous monthly recap, I had the privilege of visiting Teruel, a small city of around 35,000, and the capital of the province of the same name…

I came to Teruel because, as a huge admirer of mudéjar architecture–that is, the unique style of architecture inspired by the artistic flair of Moorish Spain…However, while ambling through the streets of this tiny town on that Sunday afternoon, my little smartphone just couldn’t get enough of the little callejones (alleyways), 🙂

20141228_143705 20141228_143752 20141228_143802 20141228_144630 20141228_144906 20141228_145115

20141227_180146 20141227_180249



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