I’m Off To Oireland!!…

…Assuming that my flights aren’t delayed by the “massive” ice storm tonight, I’ll make it to the Emerald Isle at approximately 8:40 Irish time on Saturday, setting off on my epic choir tour!!…

To be honest, I don’t really know what to expect with this trip…I mean, Oireland is home to a lot of awesome things–lush pastoral landscapes, Celtic art and symbols, leprechauns, and Michael Fassbender!!…


I mean, off course I’m excited to be going–after all, this will be my 4th foreign country!!…Still, I can’t help but hope that I won’t be the girl sitting awkwardly in the hotel, without a buddy to explore things with–wait, what am I saying???…I’m [fairly] certain it’ll be awesome–after all, this trip is combining 2 of my favorite things: singing and traveling!!…

And now to share my Oireland Bucket List!:

  • Drink a free Guinness at the Storehouse.
  • Eat an Irish breakfast.
  • Make music with a boisterous folk band in a pub.
  • Try Irish coffee.
  • Find a 4-leaf clover.
  • Find a leprechaun.
  • Understand at least 70% of what people say to me.

That’s all I can think of right now–but it’s a pretty decent list, don’t you think???…

Has anyone else been to The Republic of Ireland???…Any advice to a newcomer???…

2 thoughts on “I’m Off To Oireland!!…

  1. Do enjoy your visit to Oireland and I hope the locals appreciate your effort to speak the language ! Understanding 70% is a laudable ambition; even before consuming Guinness and Bushmills I am one quarter Irish and some of it still goes over my head. Travel tip; the more Guinness the more likely to find leprechauns.

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