That Awkwardness of Transience…

Hey, ya’ll–sorry once again for the radio silence (again)!!…In case you’ve been wondering where exactly I’ve been for the past couple of weeks, I’ve moved in and settled into my new apartment, and I’m happy to say that the adjustment has been going along fairly well: Even though there was a bit of friction with my roommates those first couple of days, things have mended, and I’ve gotten used to sharing a living space with two others people and NOT having my own bathroom (I’m definitely missing that)…

But, while I’ve become fairly happy with where I’m at now, physically-speaking, I’ve been thinking a little about where I am, metaphorically–and it’s not a sad place, but it’s not completely cozy, either…

What I mean is that, while life in Spain isn’t always totally idyllic, I’m definitely willing to continue giving this expat living thing more of a go–at least 4 or 5 years more…However, that will inevitably entail more periods of readjustment and displacement…

I don’t know: What really got me thinking about this is that Jan, a friend of mine from Germany, left on the journey back home 2 weeks ago…Granted, I know that his time here as an Erasmus student was not going to last forever, but still: That hard fact is that, as I continue to live this life abroad, I’ll continue to have to say “hello” and “goodbye” to most everyone I meet–and God only knows how long it will be before I find a location where I legitimately feel like I “fit”…As Kings Of Convenience say in that song of theirs, I’m “homesick…’cause I no longer know/where home is”…

But hey, maybe this whole awkward “transience” thing isn’t just something suffered by those living “dat expat life”, but just life, period…After all, as The Good Book says:


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4 thoughts on “That Awkwardness of Transience…

  1. I enjoyed reading your posts and admire you for taking the leap into living in different places – I guess I am not that adventurous but wish I could be. I also love the pictures, beautiful. Anytime we go into the “zone of the unknown” it is lonely,difficult and challenging but so worth it!
    God has taken me on some adventures, not so much in places but in other ways. I have always grown closer to Him in those times and learned more about myself; I am sure you are doing the same thing.
    Keep writing and learning!

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