Renovating Splendor: La Catedral De Albarracín…

O.K.–so back to the Christmas vacay recaps!!…

Today, I take you back to the town of Albarracín, which is renowned as one of Spain’s most beautiful towns…Because I only had the late afternoon/evening there, I only had time to go to the Catedral there (well, I mean, not that there’s that much to see in Albarracín)–but that definitely did not leave me disappointed!!…

I visited the Catedral on a little tour hosted by the Fundación de Santa María, an organization that uses the profits from the various guided visits that they offer in order to preserve, protect, and promote (yay, alliteration!!) the town’s cultural and artistic heritage…Part of those funds go toward the the Catedral: At some point in the 20th century, someone discovered frescoes underneath the gray paint that had come to cover the walls, and since then there has been a painstaking effort to completely uncover and restore them–I’m so glad my 2.50€ is going towards such an awesome cause!!…

Completed in 1600, the Catedral is a shining example of late-Renaissance splendor, something that is apparent despite all the obvious visual reminders of the restoration in process…

20141229_164938 20141229_165105 20141229_165425 20141229_165519 20141229_165544 20141229_165601


20141229_170710 20141229_170737 20141229_170814

20141229_171021 20141229_171032 20141229_171125


20141229_172529 20141229_172644

Over to you: What are some of the most impressive cathedrals you’ve ever visited???…

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5 thoughts on “Renovating Splendor: La Catedral De Albarracín…

  1. Wow, that gold is glowing!! Did it have the same amazing brightness in ‘real life’ as in these lovely photos? This looks like an amazing cathedral to visit. I really liked the cathedral in Geneva as it had beautiful stained glass 🙂

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