Livin’ “Dat Expat Life”: Monthly Recap #3…

Welp, another month has come and gone here in España–jeez, the time is moving fast!!…

Here’s a basic rundown of what I experienced this past month:

Feelin’ 22

On the 22nd of November, I celebrated my completion of 22 years on this Earth!!…First, my sweet landlady surprised me with a chocolate-truffle cake, then I had a get-together that evening with some pretty awesome people…It was a time of good laughs, good convo, and an awesome Captain America coffee mug, :-)…


20141122_230601 20141122_231103 20141122_231129


Yes, technically, it was Black Friday–but that did not take away even an ounce of our Thanksgiving cheer…


Experiencing El Sabor de la India

On my birthday eve, I went to El Sabor de la India (The Taste of India), which is (quite possibly) the only Indian restaurant in Zaragoza…I ended up writing a review of the place for Las Morenas De Españacheck it out!!


Christmas Is Coming, The Goose Is Getting Fat

Here in Spain, Christmas isn’t nearly as big a deal as it is Stateside, and that’s definitely reflected in the blatant lack of Yuletide decoration (and Christmas music)…But, when I see those shining lights in the Plaza del Pilar and the major shopping centers, it definitely puts me in a more Christmasy kind of mood!!…

20141210_214452 IMG_20141216_172129

Planning and Dreaming

Well, my 3 weeks of vacation started the other day, and while I won’t be able to gallivant throughout the continent this go-around, I’m still hoping to get in at least one decent trip within the country–perhaps here, for instance…


O.K., fellow expats–what have been your highlights from the past month???…

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10 thoughts on “Livin’ “Dat Expat Life”: Monthly Recap #3…

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great month! The lights in Zaragoza look lovely. Madrid surprisingly has some GREAT Indian restaurants. Some are even better than the ones back home in Seattle! Let me know if you ever need any recommendations for next time you’re in the capital!!

  2. Mary Friedman

    Dear Betty,
    Happy 2015! I’ve just been looking at your wonderful pictures of Zaragoza, and envying your Indian food and Chocolate Truffle Cake. It’s New Year’s Day, and I’m eating black-eyed peas for luck, and inventing a new soup with the Christmas leftovers. You look happy in your pictures. I hope everything is going well.

  3. Luis

    Estimada Betty:

    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Me alegro de que todo vaya bien en Zaragoza. Las fotos son espectaculares y te ves muy a gusto. Lo único que eché de menos fue que no escribiste en español. Un día Sara me dijo que tu español es buenísimo. A lo mejor es mi culpa por no ir a tu blog. Iré pronto.

    Un abrazote.


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