The Tapa of the Week (Entries 10 & 11)…

Yes, I know that I slacked off last week (again)–but cut me some slack!!…Being on the verge of my vacation made me feel REALLY lazy, but now that I’m officially libre, that means more time for blogging (hypothetically)–yay!!…

As per usual, because I was A.W.O.L. last week, there’s two entries for this week!!…

I recently went to a bar in El Tubo called La Ternasca…The name is a play on the meat they specialize in serving: ternasco (lamb)…


Now, normally, I’m not a huge fan of lamb (except for in döner, or gyros), but this place has made me question my previous stance–the food is that good!!…


For starters, I had a baked potato stuffed with roast lamb, foie gras, and mushrooms…Good Lord, do I wish I had 2 mouths…


Next up was a well-seasoned, atypical hamburger, made with toasted flatbread, apple, almonds, and honey–amazeballs…

20141210_221708 1418246293042

Has anyone else enjoyed a good pincho, lately???…

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