The Tapa of the Week (Entries 8 & 9)…

See, I would have written this 2 nights ago, but I was a bit too emotionally distraught at that moment (long story)…Sooooooo, here it is now!!


First up, there’s a bar in El Tubo known as Vinos Nicolás, and here you can find a lot of good, artery-clogging fried food–including this:



Mus de morcilla con pisto de verduras y piñones–that is to say, a mass of my favorite blood sausage with ratatouille and pine nuts…



Next up, there’s El Hormiguero Azúl (The Blue Anthill), a place I hit up with María José and Ramón (my tutora and her husband)…The name is appropriate, considering that there are those ants plastered all over the walls!!…



We enjoyed mejillones (mussels) that were very well sauteéd with lemon, garlic, and white wine (and the vino blanco I had with it wasn’t too shabby, either!!)…



Over to you–has anyone else enjoyed some good pinchos this week…

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