The Tapa of the Week (Entries 6 & 7)…

O.K., so I know I slacked off (again) last week–but here’s a double dose of pincho-related goodness to make up for it!!…

This week, I take you to Las Menades, a bar/café that’s right across the street from my school…


The first thing I ordered was this weird-looking ball of mush, which actually ended up being mashed potato with some tuna and egg…After it was heated, the whole thing was topped with mayonnaise and ketchup–I know that sounds so wrong, but it tasted so right!!…

20141117_143757 20141117_143803

Up next was cuttlefish, sauteed with olive oil and assorted herbs and served alongside toasted pieces of bread covered in alioli–divine!!…


Anyone else enjoy a good pincho this week???…

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