Livin’ “Dat Expat Life”: Monthly Recap #2…

Oy–once again, ya’ll, I’m sorry for not being so conscientious with the posts, but the life of an auxiliar gets kinda hectic sometimes…And, mira, another month of my life here in Spain has come and gone–so let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to these last 4 weeks!!…

Strolling Along the Mediterranean:

In late-October, I spent a weekend in Gandía and Denía (2 Valencian cities), where the annual UEBE (the Spanish Baptist Convention) conference with members of the church I’ve been going to here…While I didn’t enjoy the conference at all (there was no sense of dynamism or fervor, and things were far too rigid), it did come with a silver lining: I finally got to fulfill my lifelong dream of wading into the Mediterranean Sea, :-D…

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I’m a Contributor to a Zine!!

In case you haven’t heard my allusions to this in previous posts, I had my first article published in Las Morenas de España, a site dedicated to showcasing the perceptions and experiences of Women of Color who live/work in Spain–check it out, check it out!!…

Screenshot (7)

Ich Tue Weiter, Deutsch Zu Lernen

One of the perks of working at a language school is that I am able to attend classes for free!!…Since I don’t want to lose all that I grasped of German during those 2.5 years in college, I’ve started visiting an intermediate class at the EOI, and meeting up with the German department’s auxiliar (Anna) for intercambios (language exchanges)!!…So far, it’s a little frustrating, considering that I understand a LOT easier that I can respond–but, these things go poco a poco (little-by-little)!!…


…Patricia–my German teacher!!…

Getting Physical

Out of a desire to ponerme en forma, I recently started going to a gym…Even though it’s been a hot minute since I’ve popped a sweat on the regular, I think I’ve been getting back into the swing of things!!…


Exploring More of ZGZ

While I’ve really been getting waaaaaaaay too slack with the “Zesty Zaragoza” and “The Tapa of the Week” series, I promise to try to be more consistent from this point on–until then, here’s some pics of I’ve seen/eaten since the last recap!!…




Over to you, fellow expats–what have been some of your highlights from the last month???

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