Zesty Zaragoza: Las Fiestas Del Pilar…

Sorry, lovely readers–I was too wiped last week to provide an entry for this lovely series, :-(…But, to make it up to ya’ll, here’s some lovely, never-before-seen-on-this-blog snapshots from Las Fiestas del Pilar!!…

In case you’ve missed my article on Las Morenas De España, the Pilares are an annual festival that commemorates ZGZ’s patron saint, La Virgen del Pilar (who, by the way, also has a cathedral in her honor!!)…

‘Tis a wondrous event, filled with tons of lights, concerts, theatrical performances, Zumba marathons, and gofres–lots and lots of gofres (waffles)…




…Yay for the jota (Aragón’s traditional folkloric dance)!!…

1413221296939 1413221625557 1413222380445 1413226796134 1413231272101 1413232351847



…Trajano–a Madrid-based garage/surf/post-punk band–was definitely my fave musical act from the festival!!…




…The Ofrenda de Flores (Flower Offering), made at the end of the festivities…

1413236999728 1413237026191 1413237576762 1413237614063



Have you ever enjoyed Las Fiestas???…Is there something similar where you live???…

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5 thoughts on “Zesty Zaragoza: Las Fiestas Del Pilar…

  1. This looks like a seriously awesome festival! Also, after celebrating Madrid’s San Isidro festival last spring, I’m thoroughly convinced that Spain does fireworks THE BEST. Seriously, the fireworks in Madrid were better than Disneyland’s. Also, who doesn’t love gofres and Zumba?! I’m sad I missed out on this!

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