The Tapa of the Week (Entry #5)…

For this week’s pincho, I take you to an establishment that’s not in the Tubo–it’s in a bar called El Rincón de Sara (Sara’s Corner), which is about 4 min. from my house on Avenida de Madrid (I apologize beforehand for the relatively poor quality of my pics)…

The food t here is REALLY economical (think 1E apiece)–and tasty!!…

This is probably the best stuffed potato I’ve ever eaten: Think of a potato, stuffed in beef (or tuna) with red peppers and seasonings, fried and topped with mayonnaise and hot sauce!!…



Yeah, I know–it’s not the healthiest meal ever–but life is far too short to constantly count calories, ;-)!!…

Because I’m Social (Follow Me!!):





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