Guess Who’s A Contributor To An Online Magazine???…

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If you guessed me, then you’d be correct!!…

This past Monday, I published my first article for Las Morenas De España (“The Brown Girls of Spain”), a recently-released website dedicated to sharing the experiences and perspectives of Women of Color who are living and working in Spain, and to inspire other minority women who are considering visiting, living, or working in Spain…

For too long, there has been a very skewed perception of Spain–so many people see España as being this utterly racist country…Several times, people have tried to discourage me from making the move to España (mainly on FB groups)…

Yes, it’s true–racism exists in Spain, however, that makes it no different than literally every country on the planet…Indeed, I feel that much of the perceived “racism” foreign P.O.C. experience here is really just cultural misunderstanding and ignorance…

It is my dearest hope that with this site, we can knock down some of these misconceptions others have about Spain, and encourage more W.O.C. to visit this marvelous country we Morenas call home!!…

The article I wrote was about Las Fiestas del Pilar (I did promise to write about it, didn’t I???)–if you want to read it, click here

Obviously, to give credit where credit is do, I must point out that the screenshots come from the original website!!…

What do you think about our mission???…Do you think you’ll be visiting the site often (I hope so!!)

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