The Tapa of the Week (Entry #2): The Mushrooms at El Champí…

Hello, lovely readers!!…Today, I am taking you back to El Tubo, to a delightful spot known as El Champí…

In case you weren’t in the know, “champí” is short for champiñon–that is, mushroom…Indeed, the only dish that this bar serves is mushrooms…

El Champi

Still, the lack of gastronomic variety does not necessarily mean anything bad, ESPECIALLY if an establishment’s specialty dish is as good as this one: Mushroom caps exquisitely sauteed in olive oil and garlic, skewered with a shrimp, and served on top a fresh slice of bread–what’s not to love?!?!…It especially goes great with a half-and-half of beer and lemon Fanta!!

Are you a fan of mushrooms???…Would you try the ones at El Champí???…

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