10 Aragonese Towns I Wouldn’t Mind Visiting…

While my future city, Zaragoza, is indeed Aragón’s capital city and home to over half of the Aragonese population, that does not mean that there is no excitement to be found outside of its walls!!…

Indeed, Aragón is full of many picturesque, smaller towns and villages that have their own magic to offer–like these!!…


…[Visual reference of the provinces]…

1) Aínsa


Province: Huesca

What it offers: Once the capital of the medieval Kingdom of Sobarbe, this charming village boasts impressive views of the Pyrenees, medieval walls and fortresses, and a sense of time-displacement–indeed, it looks as though nothing has changed within the last 1,500 years (Photo credit)!!…

2) Albarracín


Province: Teruel

What it offers: Often cited as the most beautiful village in Spain, this little hamlet nestled in the Sierra de Albarracín mountain range seems to live up to that reputation!!… (Photo credit)

3) Alcañiz


Province: Teruel

What it offers: Lying on the banks of the Río Guadalope, Alcañiz’s Plaza de España is a charming collection of Medieval/Renaissance architectural splendor… (Photo credit)

4) Barbastro



Province: Huesca

What it offers: The capital of the Somontano de Barbastro comarca (county), the historic Babastro has many fine bodegas (wine cellars)–appropriate, given the area’s long tradition of vinification (wine-making)!!… (Photo credit)

5) Benasque

Benasque Vistas G01

Province: Huesca

What it offers: Surrounded by the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, as well as numerous glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls, this scenic resort town seems like the perfect place to try my hand at skiing!!… (Photo credit)

6) Calaceite


Province: Teruel

What it offers: Located within La Franja–the strip of Catalan-speaking territories beside the border with Cataluña–Calaceite seems just delightful, filled with Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque marvels…Plus, Salvador Dalí RAVED about the flaonets–small pastries filled with pumpkin jam and honey that are unique to Calaceite!!… (Photo credit)

7) Calatayud


Province: Zaragoza

What it offers: The second-largest city in Zaragoza province (woot-woot!!), Calatayud is like a smorgasbord of mudéjar (Moorish-lite) goodness!!… (Photo credit)

8) Panticosa


Province: Huesca

What it offers: With its cute, traditional stone houses, Panticosa is an endearingly quaint place to stay and get your ski on!!… (Photo credit)

9) Sallent de Gállego



Province: Huesca

What it offers: That panoramic VIEW, though!!… (Photo credit)

10) Teruel


Province: Teruel

What it offers: The capital of the province of the same name also happens to be the Mecca of mudéjar architecture of all Spain…Plus, there’s Dinopolis, the paleontological amusement park!!… (Photo credit)

You know, for a region that doesn’t see that much in the way of tourism, Aragón seems to be very much worth visiting!!…

Has anyone been to Aragón–if so, where???…Got any more suggestions on pueblos to visit???…

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18 thoughts on “10 Aragonese Towns I Wouldn’t Mind Visiting…

  1. I’ve never been in Aragon nor Spain before but I love small and characteristic villages and towns.
    These places you’ve chosen worth a visit for sure 🙂
    Have a wonderful new week

    Valentina Ch. from LI

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