Triumph: I’VE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET (I Mean, Carta)!!!!…

FINALLY–after months of waiting, I opened my e-mail first thing this morning, and I saw IT–my CARTA!!!!…


…Carlton clearly knows how I’m feeling!!!!…

And so, I am proud to say that, over the course of an academic year (8-9 months), I will be living and working in this MAGNIFICENT city:



That’s right, folks–I will be teaching and living in the spectacular Aragonese capital!!…But let’s not forget one other thing–my school (!!):

My Future School

EOI (Escuela de Idiomas [Language School]) n°1!!…

Frankly, I don’t really know what to really think, here: I had put down a language school as my main preference, but that was before I realized that the vast majority of them hold their classes in the afternoon–something that may complicate my availability for private English lessons…Plus, I had heard that these gigs are pretty rare, so it’s not like I was seriously expecting anything out of it…

But, still, ¡no pasa nada!–I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in some private lessons!!…Plus, I’M RETURNING TO SPAIN, which is a huge blessing in and of itself, to a city I have yet to explore in a region that I’ve never been to previously–what more could I ask???…

Besides, there are some positives to my placement here!!…Because this is a language school, my students will generally be older (late high school-elderly), because you have to shell out dinero in order to go to one…For someone who’s not very experienced interacting with little children (read: awkward), this is great!!…Sure–I may have to put a bit more into planning my activities, but (assuming they all have some home training) I don’t necessarily have to worry as much about the discipline situation!!…

Another plus is that my school is so close to the University–La Universidad de Zaragoza–so it’ll be easy to find a piso (apartment) that’s fairly close to my school, and it’ll be nice to be surrounded by people my age!!…


This should be fun!!…

Honestly, there are so many things running through me–joy, excitement, nervousness, anxiety, relief…There are so many things I don’t know at this point: Will I be surrounded by supportive colleagues???…How long will it be before I start to acclimate to my new surroundings???…How long will it be before I make some new acquaintances???…

Nevertheless, in my heart I know things will turn out all right in the end…As one of my favorite passages of Scripture says:


So, any thoughts/feelings/words of advice for me as I FINALLY know where I’m headed???…Keep an eye out for more about Zaragoza soon!!…

Because I’m social:




26 thoughts on “Triumph: I’VE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET (I Mean, Carta)!!!!…

  1. Congratulations!! I think you’ll be SO happy working at an EOI. Most auxiliars I know who worked there actually became friends with a lot of their students because they were similar ages. And there won’t be any disciplinary problems….many you’re lucky 🙂 And right in the capital, where you wanted!! Woohoooo!

  2. Sra. Barone

    Betty I’m so happy for you! All of your dreams are being realized and you are off on another adventure. Awesome news!

  3. Congrats on your placement! I’ve been placed at an EOI in nearby Logroño. Given this will be my first year teaching in Spain, I have no idea what working at an EOI will be like, especially since most people are placed at primary and secondary schools. I’m looking forward to the adventure though!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh! (continued) CONGRATULATIONS! That photo looks incredible….can’t wait to see all of yours when you start exploring! I know that was
    A big weight off, so revel in today! So happy for you!

  5. Ahh! Congratulations! I’m still waiting on my carta, and it’s the 17th of July… I’m getting so nervous that it might not come! I also saw that you’re from Northern VA, which is where I’m from! So excited for you and happy to know that there are people close to home who have been dealing with this crazy process!

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