Touring Oireland: Day 2…

…So, we had our first concert today!!…It was in Galway Cathedral (real name: Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven & St. Nicholas), which is the most recently-built cathedral I’ve been in, as of yet…Consecrated in 1965, it’s the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of Galway, and was built on the site of the old city prison…That’s about all I could find out about it, really…

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…Shrine to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

After the show, we essentially had the rest of the day to ourselves to explore Galway…



148 152 166 170 171 172

So, yeah, that was what I basically did for the day!!…

Am I wrong for thinking that Galway isn’t that exciting of a place???…I mean, there really aren’t many major things to see besides the Cathedral…Maybe Dublin will strike my fancy more…

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