Let’s Talk Food–My Favorite Spanish Eats…

During these 4 months in Spain, I’ve come to be quite acquainted with the food…Granted, I don’t think it’s as delicious as Italian vittles (my hands-down favorite [cállate, Jav Jav–¡¡hay más que pasta, dang it!!]), but I’ve still developed something of a fondness for it…Here, I expound upon my favorite dishes…

Savory Dishes


Dear Lord–these things are like my own little heroin…Who would have thought that little fried masses of béchamel (a white sauce made of flour, milk, and butter) and jamón (and/or eggs, cheese, shellfish beef, veggies–what have you) could be so good!?!?


La Tortilla Española:

I’ve talked about it several times before, but I just can’t get enough of it!!…Potatoes, eggs, onions, and olive oil–that’s all you need to make one immensely satisfying dish (which can be served both hot and cold)…


Patatas Bravas:

Little white potatoes, fried and smothered in a spicy tomato sauce–often found in pinchos bars…


Patatas Meneás:

A dish originally from Salamanca province (represent!!), consisting of potatoes (yes, again–dang it, I love spuds!!), garlic, peppers, oil, and slices of bacon…



Another food native to Salamanca, farinato is an embutido (pork sausage) that’s often fried with bread and various other seasonings, and eaten with bread–hence the addage, “Pan con pan–la comida de tontos” (“Bread with bread–the food of idiots”)…



A type of blood pudding with little grains of rice in it–don’t knock it before you try it!!…It’s actually pretty good, esp. with grilled peppers…



Although it’s commonly associated with Mexican food, they actually came from Galicia (¡¡España, putas!!)…These little folded pieces of dough can have an array of fillings–tuna, chicken, mushrooms, you name it…I’ve even eaten one with dates and bacon–which was surprisingly good…



Pretty much Spain’s most famous dish–a delicious mix of rice, shellfish and/or land meats, tomato paste, garlic sauce, and, most crucially, saffron…Granted, it is trifling to have to dig through the shells of the clams and mussels and things to get at the meat/rice inside, but, hey–it’s worth it…



Arroz con Leche:

Rice pudding, effectively…Yes, I know that it’s everywhere, but whatevs–this ish is your typical Spanish postre…I had never eaten it before coming here, and I find it very simple–but delicious



Something else I never had before coming here, even though you can find it in every Mexican joint–however, it has origins in Spain (¡¡Toma!!)…A really yummy egg custard…



A confection made of honey, sugar, egg whites, and almonds, commonly eaten at Christmastime…It can be soft or crunchy (I personally prefer crunchy)…


Dulce de Membrillo:

Quince jelly–pleasantly tart…Some like to spread it on cheese–and I find that disgusting



Thick, dry little cakes made with a lot of butter and milk…They taste like pound cake, and go great with milk…


So, that’s pretty much all I can think of–Anyone else got some Spanish eats that they love???…

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