Las primeras impresiones (First Impressions)…

…After a long, tiring day of bustling through airports, I’m FINALLY here in Spain!!!!…I haven’t been here that long, but I can tell that I’m going to enjoy it here!!…


…A view from my balcony…

First, there’s the city itself…While I haven’t seen that much of it, what I’ve seen has been simply beautiful…The architecture is amazing, and the ancient cobbled streets lined with stores and restaurants are simply pleasant to walk through and people watch–Don’t worry, there’ll be more photos to come!!!!

…Another thing to love is the food…Granted, I’ve only started to experience the joy that is Spanish cuisine today, but I can tell you right now that it’s AMAZING!!!!…My madre (who I’ll talk more about in a bit) made arroz con pollo (chicken and rice)–simple yes, but ultimately very delicious and full of sabor (flavor)…It would seem that the the hallmark of Spanish cuisine is taking very ordinary ingredients and turning them into something extraordinary–a tortilla de patatas (potato tortilla, but really more of an omelette)…


…Made mainly from potatoes and eggs (among other things, according to the tastes of the cook), this is one of the most common dishes in Spain…Truly delicious, which again demonstrates the beauty of simplicity found in la comida española.

…And of course, I can’t forget my host parents, Lourdes and Manuel…At first, I was sort of afraid that they possibly wouldn’t like me, but it turns out that they’re two of the sweetest, helpful padres (parents) a girl could ask for…They strive to make sure I’m comfortable, not only with the house but with them as well, and they only ask that I give them respect in return–and it’s doesn’t hurt that they’ve told me that my Spanish is excellent!!…Overall, I look forward to spending the semester with them!!!!


…Mis padres…

6 thoughts on “Las primeras impresiones (First Impressions)…

  1. Jessica Francis

    Such a great post- happy to hear that you arrive and that things are off to a great start. Can’t wait to hear all about this semester!

  2. Lisa Barone

    So happy that you arrived safely and you are enjoying your new “padres”! They look like lovely people! I am so excited for you and your “aventura”!

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